Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Daily tooth brushing is as important to your dog as it is to you and me. Bad teeth can lead to medical problems, weight loss and pain for your pet. You can easily avoid major veterinary bills by simply brushing your dog's teeth on a daily basis. It's easy and fast!

There are a few different types of dental tools for daily brushing. There are fingertip brushes that work great for puppies and older dogs. Then there are regular tooth brushes for average age dogs.

There are also different flavors and types of toothpaste for your dog. Never use human toothpaste on your pet. Try a beef, liver or chicken flavored toothpaste (or even peanut butter) instead for a treat while brushing your dog's teeth. Beware the slobber!

Start with daily tooth brushing as early in your dog's life as possible. Use the fingertip toothbrushes on puppies. Place one hand over the dog's snout and gently lift the upper lip. Place the fingertip brush on the back teeth and work toward the front in small circular motions. Only apply gently pressure. Puppy's teeth are clean, we just want to get them used to us handling their mouth daily.

As your puppy grows up, switch to a full size toothbrush. Use the flavored toothpaste or just the brush, whichever you prefer. Again, start at the back of the dog's mouth and move toward the front. Don't forget the inside of the teeth!

A daily regimen of dental care will help keep your dog happy and healthy for many years. It will freshen your dog's breath too!

Do you have any questions about brushing your dog's teeth? Ask me in the comment section and I'll be happy to answer you.

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