Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to How to Groom My Dog

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Hello and welcome to "How to Groom My Dog". This blog is dedicated to teaching you how to save money by learning how to groom your dog at home. These days that means a lot. It doesn't cost much to get started, and if you are a dog owner you should already own most of the grooming tools required.

Speaking of buying dog grooming tools, we'll give our recommendations of the best dog grooming tools and which ones you need for your specific breed. We know not every dog owner needs every dog grooming tool. There are a few essentials for all dog owners though.

A little about myself now. My name is Christine and I have been working with dogs for most of my life. Let's just say I'm middle aged. I have been in kennel management, professional dog grooming, dog training, and a veterinary assistant.

I plan on making this a one stop shop for instructions on how to groom any dog breed for the at-home groomer. Don't feel overwhelmed thinking that this is only for professionals. Professionals can use this site for a quick reference instead of hitting the books to peek at how to groom a specific dog breed (even pros need a reminder every now and then). I'm not trying to train you to be a  dog groomer at dog shows either, though this may make it easier to get started in that theater.

I, and my trusty dog Meatball, will help guide you to getting your dog to look their very best without big dog grooming bills. Let's have fun and groom some dogs!

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